• 1st Place: THE GARDEN OF MY NEIGHBOR – Nicolas Ramirez Vargas.
    Asteraceae planted a flower in the garden of my neighbor (Sogamoso, Boyacá).

  • 2nd Place: PETALS AND BUTTERFLY – Walter Agudelo
    Photo taken at the zoo in Cali, although there are a variety of colorful butterflies, my attention is because it tries to show how some camouflage.


  • 1st Place: IGUANA – Walter Agudelo
    Photo taken on a road leading to the river Pance in Cali. He was in full green and although I try to hide, I gift a few seconds to photograph.

    The insect on the left side of the photograph is a copy of the family Eumastacidae which in turn belongs to the order Orthoptera. The insect on the right side belongs to the family of the Hemiptera order cicadellidae. The moment was captured in booking Chicaque (cundinamarca) on a fern leaf.


  • 1st Place: MIRAGE – Juliana Gutierrez Diaz
    A girl is yagua front of the cameras of the tourist eye. Startled, inconvenienced, rapt. His gaze conveys both permission and restriction. It is used to this, and yet it seems it was something new for her.

  • 2nd Place: BEAUTY BETWEEN DEBRIS – Corrado Minervini Spaccavento
    Real Isabelita find a safe home among the ruins of Tolu tugboat, sunk by the ARC on the outskirts of the Marshes Vasquez Baru.


  • 1st Place: LAGUNA DE LA PLAZA – Santiago Omar Rincón Leuro
    From the high mountain lakes, the Plaza is perhaps one of the most impressive not only for its size but by taking shades of blue throughout the day. Guarded by Toti, Sugar Loaf and Diamond and Square Cerros peaks, its waters penetrate the eastern foothills of the mountains to reach the plains, in a voyage of more than 3500 meters. Although it is in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy and Güicán, the lagoon is located in the territory of Arauca.

  • 2nd Place: BOYACÁ CEILING – Santiago Omar Rincón Leuro
    The Ritak’uwas, the White, the Black and North peaks at sunrise from Long Cave. These summits are the highest in the eastern cordillera. The first form one of the highest rock walls in the country; the second needle forms a view from the east, which has led to many mountaineers to call it the most beautiful mountain in Colombia, and the third is a lesser-known younger brother of the other two.


  • Bazurto: A SEA OF GARBAGE – Corrado Minervini Spaccavento
    How ironic! Metamorphosis of gannets in carrion birds due to serious pollution in the Cienaga de Las Quintas where during the day wastes accumulate Bazurto market.

  • Corrado Minervini Spaccavento – BLACK AND WHITE
    forced to hunt ‘sarapicos’ because everything has been irretrievably polluted shores Garzas Bazurto market. The white glow of these beautiful birds, emphasize even more, the damage caused by our unconscious practices.

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